Canadian Postal Code Search on TomTom Go

Jun 18, 2010
Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie to TomTom devices. I was using a Garmin unit before and I remember that I could search by postal code (A1A 1A1). However, now I just bought a TomTom Go 630 and couldn't find any way to search address by postal code. It just allow me to input the first 3 digits of the postal code, followed by asking me the street number, etc. This totally turns the "zip search" function into a piece of junk. My cell phone can even search by postal code.

Is there a way to solve this problem? I really like my new Go 630 other than this issue. Searching by postal code is fairly important, isn't it?
I wouldn't waste my time.......

You can select the appropriate poi file for all of Canada or just a specific area and then choose download poi file.

Then select both TomTom .bmp and TomTom.ov2

Next, install both in the North American map folder.

Next step is to manage poi's and show on map. Scroll down to poi and put a checkmark.

After doing all that, the poi data will NOT be merged with the 'zipcode' icon data (you'll still be left there with the useless ANA listing).

What you can do is navigate to-->poi (in City) and YOU have to select the city. Then in the next screen, poi category, select the postal code poi file. When you do, you'll see just a generic listing of postal codes but not the specific postal code!

As I said 'don't bother........'
Seems there is no way to search by postal code in Canada. For example, in Brandon, MB, there are only three different "ANA's" for the entire city, and TomTom searches only the first three digits. Oh man.

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