Can you change road colors on the Go Live 2535M?

Dec 9, 2011
I'm currently using a Garmin 765T and am thinking about getting a Tomtom Go Live 2535M. However, one thing I like about the map display on the Garmin over the Tomtom is the road coloring scheme.

On my Garmin, it shows highways as red colored, arterials as yellow, and side roads as grey. It's easy to tell at a glance which are major roads and which are small side streets.

Looking at the display on the Tomtom in the store, it looked like all the roads were grey.

Is it possible to modify that? I did read about the Color Scheme Editor but the 2535M isn't listed as one of the supported models.

The roads are grey on the map when the unit is not receiving a gps signal. and that would be the case in the store.

That model comes with at least 6 different colur schemes for maps that can be implemented for both 2D and 3D view as well as for day view and night view.
... and you CAN add dozens of other colour schemes as well

You CAN also use the Colour Scheme Editor to make your own.

The only small issue with the CSE is that TT have added a few new categories, such as Toll roads, since it was created, . So SOME third-party colour schemes may be missing a few lines of description.
You can always add them yourself as it's only a text file.

On older NAV2 models, the software always used the default colours if they were missing from a user's colour scheme, but thee is a bug (or ommission) from the NAV3 software that means those roads might disappear from view! (although they are still used for routing).
Ok, I bought the Go Live 2535M but I can't find how to add new color schemes. There are about 10 in the unit but I don't see any option to add more after connecting it to my computer.
You add them via MyTomTom, Community Content (icon in systray while unit is connected). Are you having problems finding new ones (they're all over the place) or just loading them to your unit?
I guess I am having problems finding them. I thought you found them through MyTomTom. I guess I instead get them from other places around the internet and use MyTomTom to install them?
Thanks for all the help. I looked further down in the color schemes sub-forum and on page 2 actually found where someone had recreated the Garmin color schemes. I downloaded those and got them installed without any problem. So now the appearance matches what I'm used to.

Thanks again!

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