Can Not Establish A Wireless Data Connection

Feb 15, 2016
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TomTom Model(s)
Obsolescent Go Live 1005 Camper
I have just paid on-line to have my GoLive Services extended for a further 12 months, but I am unable to avail myself of the services.
I receive a message "Can Not Establish A Wireless Data Connection", followed by the message "Ooops we are experiencing technical difficulties, etc. etc, if the problem continues contact Customer Services".

Customer Services seem to be in no hurry to get back to me and the problem persists.

My device is a GoLive 1005 Camper.

About My Device Details as follows:
Device: ST4473G01146(0)(13.1)
App 12.071.1370596.74 (0) (2092, 12/9/2013) OS 1344689
GPS 2.18.903 127792, Boot 1167782 Backup 1370596
Map Europe Camper V966.7309 Release date 3/2016

My e-mail and password are accepted.
I have allowed the GPS Status to activate properly outdoors – 7 or 8 satellites signal strength 70%+
I have tried a soft re-set
Information sharing is enabled.
But still TomTom Services can not establish a wireless data connection.
I am persistently receiving the standard 'Oops – technical difficulties message'.

Any advice would be gratefully accepted.
Oops means that there are problems in their Data Centre and neither you nor Customer Service can do anything about it until IT fixes it.
Ooops, for over 24 hours, ........................... surely not ???

Ooops for 48 hours,................... is surely uncommon ????

:confused: ;)

I have not yet had a response to my query, so I had a shuftii at the 'Payment confirmation & usage instructions' ‏ acknowledgment e-mail which I received when I paid for the Live Services annual update.
There was a link to the "Order Status", so I had a gander at it, and saw the following magic words:

Order # ......... Order Date................Status...............................Shipping Status ............. Total
xxxxxxxxxx ..... 2016-03-30 .......... INPROGRESS , captured ... -- ........................... ....... GBP XX.XX

It makes little sense to me, the only thing that seems to have been captured is my cash ?!!

I have browsed around for clarification but one or two other posters have asked the same question and got no satisfactory answer.

What a shower of plonkers, .....................Garmin anybody ? ;)
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"Ooops" :rolleyes:
for three days now, and no response from customer services either ?
The following messages persist, and the payment has been taken from my account.
"Can not establish a wireless data connection"
followed by:
We're currently experiencing technical difficulties.
Please try again soon. If the problem doesn't go away please contact customer support.

I have had recourse to communicate with customer support in the past, and usually they get back within a couple of days ?
In the interim, I have checked every possible setting, on this useless piece of junk, that may be affecting/causing this problem, in case it is something that I have set up incorrectly.
Soft reset - No difference.
Factory reset - No difference.
I have checked that my password and e-address are correct on both my PC and my device.
My password is acknowledged and accepted.
I have checked "Connections/Network" in the settings menu - I am connected..
In spite of all my valiant efforts, the "My Services - 21 days left Select to renew" Option refuses to cooperate, and the afore-mentioned messages appear.
I noticed that there has been an issue with UK Traffic over the past couple of days, and wondered if that had anything to do with my problem, but it seems that Traffic is now fixed, whereas I am not.
I have actually discovered, by accident, how to back up my favourites on this device, a little task that came in handy during the factory reset. :)
I am soon going on holiday, and need this thing to be working efficiently, if it is not I will just have to go back to the old faithful Go730, and maybe sell this thing on e-bay ? :rolleyes:
Seems thy have suffered a huge "Outage", whatever that may be, and have only just managed to get on top of the communication backlog that was created.
It would have been an idea to have publicised the issue in the same way that they did for the Traffic scenario ?????
Not the best customer service in the world is it ?

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