Can I set the actual point once arrived on Car Park as Destination for future calls

Apr 13, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
Hi Folks I posted this question as part of my introduction but might get a better resone in the Forums? I'm a 'Rep' new to my 'round' with 31 calls from Teeside to Hull although the calls remain the same I mix the up so end up coming at them from all directions............So
One of the Things I'd like to be able to do is when I put in a Postcode destination it will get me near by but as all my calls are new Superstores I want to be able to once on the 'car park' select that as the destination and every time I enter that postcode it takes me off the main road and right to the door from whatever route I have come by.
If somebody would care to answer that I'd appreciate it ....but please give button by button and touch menu by menu instruction as I'm a beginner....Many Thanks and I hope this GPS Stuff is 'Soted' [Seems to be on mine I was watching it count anywhere between 6 and 9 satellites and that was indoors!]
Once you are in the car park, you can either set that location up as a "favorite" or create you own custom POI category for such things, and add those spots to your POI list as you encounter them.

The former method falls under Settings / Favorites / Add / My location
and give it a meaningful name of some sort.
If that works for you, stick with that. If not, it gets a little more complicated, but by much.

Settings / Manage POIs / Add POI category
(Call it Superstores if you like)
Then, as you arrive at each location, rather than adding a new favorite, you
Settings / Manage POIs / Add POI / (select Superstores or whatever you called it) and then My location.
Give that a meaningful name of some sort.
Thanks....That's what I was looking for!

Thanks for that ....I have that little 'Flow Chart' in the Door Pocket of the car.
For Comment I would think if there was a percentage of how many Buyers travel To any Part of Europe it would be 'Tiny' I think there should have been 3 Options a UK only (most of us?) a UK and Europe and a World
Possibly the Maps would be far better for the UK only.
My old TomTom appears to have been 'Better' and more accurate...I put a postcode in and chose to watch the Demo Mode and was surprised as it veered off the Obvious route taking me thru the back streets of Middlesboro rather than down the A19 and then cross the Moors on the Main artery used by 'All'
No one on Gods earth would use the route I was shown ...perhaps I have selected something in settings I need to 'uncheck' Thanks
This New Go Live 1005 is Very Good you know !

Well I got mine just as the GPS problem appeared ...that has now been resolved I have the latest Maps and my Old TomTom is a thing from the Past.....This really is an Excellent bit of Kit very Clear Maps and 'Brilliant vibrant Display Screen'.... spoken Street Names ....I have got used to the different menus.... GuessI am a bit of a Dinosaur .... But am now Converted!
As you say you travel a lot to "superstores", would it be worth installing some custom POI files for the existing stores? Or do you only go to ones that are so new they won't be on anyone's lists?

The best ones for the UK are from PocketGPSWorld (oh dear, that's my second plug for them tonight!)

They have all the individual Supermarket and store names as POI categories, or you can combine then into your own sets.

They are kept up to date by user submissions and they try to make sure the icons are actually placed on a car park or street entrance (not in the middle of an indoor shopping centre!)

Have a look here for details. (You may need to register (free) to download them, but I don't think so)
Oh and one small addition to Canderson's, excellent description of saving your location as a Favourite or POI....
You can also make a button on the main driving view screen, to add you position as a Favourite (Go to Settings - Make your own menu - and tick "Add position to Favourites".

The only problem with that is it gives the Favourite a default name (usually the name of the street) although you can change that later in "Manage Favourites".
Thanks guys!

I have my 4 Accounts listed as POI's set as 'My Location' so that TomTom will guide me back no matter what route I choose to take. I've registered with Pocket GPS and will have a little look soon, that may well be very useful as my round will change over time. Thanks :)

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