can anyone recommend a cheap case for an XL350?

Looking for a nice case but not too expensive.
Right NOW (in the U.S.), TomTom is offering them dirt cheap with free shipping, no tax. I ordered a case for my 740 for $5.95 shipped yesterday.

Looks like price are up $2 today, but what the heck:

Cases and Covers - Accessories - TomTom

Don't know if they're offering the same deal on your side of the Atlantic or not. My page always comes up with the U.S. site.

I bought mine at Microcenter. Its a generic looking case really meant for those portable harddrives, but it holds my 540 and the power cable fine.
I like that it doesn't have a logo on the front declaring an expensive GPS unit is inside.
You can find hard drive cases at Walmart, staples and office max, etc.
inexpensive case

Consider a large thick sock for a soft case that does not say "GPS"...

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