Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck voice

I'm sure the moderators will chime in here shortly with a "reply" to your request !!!!!
Wow, ain't you confident? :D

Both BB and DD are available via TomTom but each is $12.95 CDN. I do not know a source for getting them for free.
If you are implying what I think you are, please read the announcement at the top of every forum..........
"Sharing" copyrighted material, whether it be TomTom maps, copyrighted commercial voices, or commercial applications is not just sharing, it's theft, pure and simple.
dhn - I wanted to see how quickly you would "chime in" to the free voice request with a reminder of the #1 forum rule, but your first reply was very polite! We value this forum and how ethical you've kept it. If someone really wants to find something for free (illegally), they can elsewhere on the web, but they could also possibly brick their unit by downloading it.
I very recently posted a coupon code from TT for $10 off anything which brought a voice down to $2.95. As no "celebrity" voice has TTS, I got it as a novelty and thought it was worth $2.95.
Congratulations on your 14,000th post. Why do you have 3 posts here and the total # stayed the same?
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Congratulations on your 14,000th post. Why do you have 3 posts here and the total # stayed the same?

Thanks. Quantity over Quality, maybe? :(

The way this board software works, your posting total always updates to the current total you have.
BB and DD speed camera warnings are currently avialable on home for free. I got the BB from there...

However it's in WMP.WAV format which for some reason my One New Edition will not play. it plays the Vorbis.ogg files though.
Welcome to TTF.

Do a goole search for Audacity, a freeware utility that can convert from one file format to another.........
I can convert from WMP.WMV format to Vorbis.ogg, I am having trouble with the text file, the one with the .TLV file extension. each sound/ voice file has it's own .TLV file. I assume each .TLV file associates it's self with the relivent .ogg file.
The .tlv file is informational for Home to read from whenever you click 'more information' for the item. Just try leaving them as is and put them in the voices folder with the .ogg files.
Without the TLV file the sound/voice will not play. After I translated a .wav file to .ogg and placed it in the relevent folder on the TT, it refused to play the sound file, in one case it actually caused my TT to freeze.:(

I have done all relevent updates to my TT other than the map, and had assumed initially that both .wav and .ogg sound files would work on my unit.

At the moment I'm sticking to only using .ogg sound files downloaded from Home.

Thank you for the help so far though.
Ok so now I've tried 2 different conversion tools to get the WAV file to be a OGG one. Now I have the sounds working correctly on my TT.

Go figure. My TT obviously has a female persona, very very tempermental.:p

No disrespect to the nice ladies here.:)
That's not Navigation voices though... Just a couple of Camera warning, arrival at destination and shutdown sounds.

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