Broken EasyPort Mount for XL-335T

Oct 25, 2009
I own an XL 335 with an Easy Port mount. Upgraded from a 140S which used the same mount (pass that on to a friend) about 3 months ago.

So, the mount mostly works (especially if you clean the suction cup now and again).

However, I managed to pull it apart when removing it from the vehicle. I guess I didn't release the suction enough before yanking.

I attempted to put it back together, but when I failed, I experimented without the spring. Now, it's back together sans shock absorber. I assume that the spring keeps slight vibration from moving the screen.

So, what's the best way to disassemble, so I can try again with the spring. Seems that yanking it apart might break one of the small bits of plastic.

BTW, I don't see replacements sold at TomTom USA. There is a mount kit that looks correct, but includes a non-traffic charger and is not labelled as compatible.

- Accessories - TomTom

Is this sold without the charger?

Another way to get a replacement mount?

You can try calling CS at 866-486-6866 and see if they'll send you a replacement mount.
I have replaced every ez-port mount in the family with this mount.


The suction cup is much better, the device can be a bit closer to you and the price wasn't too bad either.

Thanks for that link. I've used one of those (but different connection thingy) for my TT-3rd edition for almost 3 yrs. It worked great... and is still very good. Just ordered another one for my XL.

I really only needed the adapter that connects to the Arkon, but this price is better than getting just the adapter. :rolleyes:

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