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Discussion in 'Bluetooth/Phone Connectivity' started by Michael Quinlan, Aug 8, 2008.

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    I had a problem all day yesterday where I was unable to get any traffic updates via TomTom Traffic. Restarting the phone (Blackberry 8330 on Verizon) and pressing/holding the reset button on my 920 didn't change a thing.

    Today I decided to delete the pairing info from both devices and start over. While setting up the pairing for the data connection I decided to experiment, leaving all fields BLANK except for the dial string of "#777". It worked on the first shot! I'll add this to the sticky in a little while. Now, onto my problem...

    It appears that any use of TomTom Traffic causes the phone to go into tethered mode, with "Modem Mode Enabled" displayed on screen. This seems normal by itself, but the phone never seems to come out of this mode, preventing any use of non-tethered data, including receipt of incoming email, regardless of the fact that I limited the traffic update frequency to 10 minutes, and set the Advanced Bluetooth Preferences to "cannot accept while accessing wireless data". Once I have accesses traffic, the only way I have found on the TomTom to "snap the phone out of it" is to turn the TomTom off, or reconnect to the phone using "Manage phones" (disabling wireless data doesn't help once the phone is in this mode), at which point all email that would be been delivered is finally received.

    Another problem appears to be that the Advanced Bluetooth Preferences are not saved when the TomTom is turned off and on again.

    Has anyone else observed this behaviour? Is it normal, even on supported phones/carriers? Is there something I'm missing in my TomTom settings that will allow the phone to go back to "normal" between traffic updates?

    BTW, after using TomToms weather service (while traffic is disabled) the phone immediately returns to "normal".

    TT Model: Go 920, v8.010
    BB Model: 8330, v4.3.0.127
    Carrier: Verizon, tethering option added
    Michael Quinlan, Aug 8, 2008
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