Best new TomTom for legacy (GO9xx series) owner?

Oct 19, 2007
I currently own - in various forms and working order - two ONE Third Edition and one GO 910.

We are looking to replace them with a new generation model.

Since there are various sizes (4.3" vs 5"), shapes, subscriptions, and flavors, can someone PLEASE offer their opinion on which one to buy?

This would be for my mother, who strictly uses navigation to help when she's lost or needs to get an accurate time of travel/arrival (NYC-metro area is a bear).

So small size would be helpful (but 5" screen is alluring), durability is nice, decent battery life, and easy to mount.

Map updates are NOT a priority, as she doesn't ever plug it into a computer (why they can't do OTA map updates is beyond me).
Just to be specific, thats an XXL 540, not the old Go540 we have in Europe.

As for updating maps over the air.. the file sizes are pretty huge. Even on a broadband connection a new map can take hours. To update one by SIM card connection would take days.
Thanks folks.

Costco had the VIA 1530TM. I've read mixed (mostly negative) reviews, so I'm predicting this will go back and I'll get the 540XXL (or, God forbid, a Garmin).
The complaints about the VIA 1530TM are mostly about the stuff you cannot yet do when connecting to a computer.

If you're mother doesn't connect to a computer, it won't affect her much.

There was a huge software update for that model last Tuesday (August 9), that fixed many bugs on the device itself, so I'd focus on any reviews after August 9.

Personally, in your mom's situation, I'd recommend the XXL 550T. It's a bit older and doesn't have many advanced features, but it's the simplest and most reliable Tomtom I've ever seen.

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