Bad Cradle for 2nd edition

Apr 29, 2008
Shreveport, Louisiana
TomTom Model(s)
Rider 2nd Edition
I purchased a Rider 2nd edition about 3 years ago. After it was about 1 year old it started turning itself off and on going down the road. By the time if started contacting TomTom I learned that they wee no longer making motorcycle GPS's for the USA. I tried everything to make it work but no luck. I finally purchased a new cradel from Ebay. It worked fine for a few weeks and then it too did the same thing. I was some mad at TomTom and said I will never purchase nor recommend any product from that company. Why should I if they do not stand behind their products only to abandon their customers. Well this past summer I went to afriends house and we did everything we could do to try and make my unit stay on while I was ridding. At the end after we had done all we knew we noticed something. The unit was very loose as it sat in the cradle.We statred trying everything to put on the cradle to make it fit tighter. The person that was saying the pins were to short was on the right track. Then WE FOUND the answer. PLASTIC ELECTRICANS TAPE. Just put a strip on each side of the cradle where the unit fits and guess what. NO vibration and the unit works perfectly. Thought I would share this with allmy fellow motorcycle bikers.
Much appreciate your story, and congrats!

Although it can be discouraging when something doesn't stand up to use as long as one would like, I salute your stick-with-it attitude which resulted in a solution. Hope you get many more years of use from your Rider!

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