Avoid Highways - TomTom One XL - WHERE IS IT??

May 12, 2009
i can't seem to avoid highways when using my GPS for directions. I checked it in a preference box for "advanced planning" to avoid highways
but it still keeps highways in the directions..

am i missing something or doing something wrong??
not toll roads..

i want to avoid highways b/c i have a scooter and i dont want to use the highways..

where /how in the options do i avoid highways?
There is an option to avoid freeways/motorways, but not ordinary highways.

You might try 'bicycle routes' to see what kind of route that gives you.
As a rider I don't think you can do that?????? unless you went to google and set up your own route and download it thru Tyre to your computer, that's a possibility but other wise I just have never tried that "avoid highway's".....
is there a hack i can do to get different firmware/software onto my tomtom one xl that will allow for "avoiding freeways"?

Is there a program like TYRE but for Mac?
is there a hack i can do to get different firmware/software onto my tomtom one xl that will allow for "avoiding freeways"?

Is there a program like TYRE but for Mac?

I dont know about your model specifically but if you goto Change preferences > Planning preferences > avoid freeways > done

You've said freeways and highways in this thread. A highway is not a freeway and a freeway is not a highway.

Highways are any number road really. They typically have stop signs, red lights, 1+ lanes, intersections, etc etc....

Freeways are high speed roads usually with 2+ lanes. No stops only on/off ramps....

Highways are typically unavoidable in most of the USA.
doesn't avoid freeways

This happens to me also. I have a 140-s. When I select "avoid freeways" before it calculates the route, it sometimes gives me a route with freeways in it. I live in LA and depending on where I'm going it will tell me to get on the 105 or the 110. Maybe these freeways are unavoidable (not true, but funny). Other times it will give me a route with no freeways in it. Does this happen to other people?
Just because you tell it to avoid freeways doesn't mean it will totally ignore them, depending on the data.

Most likely reason it doesn't avoid freeways all the time in your case is possibly out of date map data, or a road that is marked as a highway, and not a freeway.

I guess that's turning out to be the case. Seems like if there is an option to avoid freeways it should "ignore" them and find another fastest route that does not include freeways. I also understand that there are complicated details about what is a highway, parkway, and freeway.... but if the 405 ( which is 6 lanes in each direction, going 55, with on and off ramps) is not considered a freeway, then Tom Tom better get a clue. This is a new 140-s that I have, but maybe I'll try to download a new map. Thanks for the tip.
Just to be clear, I'm not saying your idea of freeway, and their's don't match... I'm saying it could be bad data.

I just tried it out on my 340S (which is the same basic model), and it avoided the major freeways in the area, even though I-405 is the only fast way to get north-south on my side of Lake Washington.

The big ugly catch is that you can't just 'recalculate route' after switching this preference, you have to use 'Navigate to...' in order to pick a route. But if that is what you are doing, then I'd definitely say it is a map error.
I'm sure this is a dead horse by now but wanted to weigh in because I just got a TT yesterday. My car has some serious issues and freeway, highway, expressway, or anyway traveling is just not an option for me right now. So I need to avoid roads that involve going above 45 mph.

With that said...selecting "Always plan bicycle routes" works best for me. I know that's not feasible when traveling from city to city but for inner city travel it works quite well.
Doesn't do that on my UK maps...
Bicycle routes still obey traffic rules like one-way streets. Only walking routes ignore them.

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