Availability of Traffic Antenna

Feb 2, 2010
It seems that the traffic antenna for the xxl540S has been listed as unavailable on the tomtom site forever.

I asked support since it was not available direct from tomtom where I could find the receiver. The pointed me to a site on amazon.com

Amazon.com: TomTom USB RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver for all TomTom GPS Except Go 740: Electronics

The lack of availability makes me a bit concerned if I should invest any more $$ in my tomtom. Has there ever been an honest explanation of shy tomtom does not sell the traffic antenna for their own units?
Traffic antenna

There customer service really suck. Couldn't even get a decient answer about there traffic antenna when it was posted on there website. now , they removed it from there US site. Man cant even get a antenna to work. What horrible service.
Traffic For my TOMTOM 335xl

I went to Costco today and got me a tomtom 550tm and used it traffic cable usb charger. And I got traffic to work with my tomtom. Now going back to Costco and returning unit and buying cable online.
I won't do the whole lecture, but your 550 just started its journey back to the manufacturer (or agent handling the returns), raising the cost of goods for everyone.:(

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