AutoZoom on Start 55TM

Feb 4, 2013
I'm having the dreaded auto-zoom problem on my Start 55-TM. When looking at the map while driving down the street I will zoom out to show a mile or so down the road. As soon as I lean back in my seat the zoom level resets to something very close, several blocks, and I can no longer see down the road. Very frustrating as I use the device mostly just to know what the road is doing in front of me, not necessarily to take me places.

Update - I just called TomTom support. The guy I spoke with was pretty nice and pulled out the same device that I have. His device is also doing it. He is putting in a request to update the software to allow me to automatically set the zoom to whatever I want (and allow it to stick). No clue how long this process will take so I'm considering changing to a Garmin unit. Has anybody been through this update process before? Any idea how long takes or if the request will actually make it into a software release? I have read some other threads on here about other models that do this as a "feature" because it is a less expensive model.

My Go 1005 does have the option to turn off the auto-zoom, but I have never used it.
I'm intrigued to know that if you have it set to show you a mile or more ahead, how useful would it be when you get to a complex junction?

With it left on auto-zoom, I do find it zooms in a BIT too far at junctions, compared to my old models like the Go940, which had it working just perfect for me.

Finally, I would have thought that in your situation it should only zoom in if it thinks there is a decision to be made, e.g. a road junction or kink in the road.
I keep my zoom fixed as well for 3D mode and 2D mode. In 3D, I have it set to provide just the right amount of forward visibility that suits my driving. If I need to see out any more distance than that, I'll quickly punch it to 2D to get a real overview of the situation. In short, both 2D and 3D are always set to fixed zoom on all of my units.

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