Auto centering while in "Browse Map"

Aug 10, 2010
TomTom Model(s)
XL 340TM
Is there any way to have the map automatically centered to your GPS position within the "Browse Map" function? I frequently have to press the blue tab to view the map after my position has changed a little. Traveling in a north or south direction is particularly bad, as the screen is only half as wide as going east-west.
Tap the blue icon on the bottom and then the next screen asks what you want to do with this cursor. On a 720 application, you then arrow right and one option is centre on map.
If I remember correctly, you can center the browse map on your current location by tapping the blue compass arrow located at the top of the map scroll bar.

Don't have mine handy to check for sure.

Doesn't seem to work right. The problem is the round cursor won't track my position, as it remains stationary when I'm moving. Is there a way to get the blue arrow to stay centered in "Browse Map" the same way it does in the normal 3D mode? Sure, I can tap the blue compass arrow tab, but it gets quite inconvenient doing this once or twice every minute.

Try this: Go into "Browse Map," zoom in as far as possible, tap the blue compass arrow tab to center your position (but don't repeat this later). Then move 300 yards/metres away, and see if your new location is still on the map or not.
Sounds as though you're just trying to move from 3D mode to 2D mode. Had you considered just switching to 2D navigation mode instead of "browse map"? It will continue to track your position and keep you centered that way.
Forgot to mention I use map overlays. As far as I know, these only work in "Browse Map."
See the TomTom Create Your Own Content Guide.
Ah .. that tidbit changes things considerably. I've never been able to get the map view to do what you want, even when I've also wanted it to.
Nevertheless, it wouldn't matter if someone has map overlays or not. If there's any method to permanently auto center your position in "Browse Map," let me know.

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