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Oct 17, 2009
TomTom Model(s)
GO 920 T
Having issues trying to get traffic updates to your TomTom? I too am getting no traffic data here in the Washington, DC area. The icon I'm seeing is the spinning green arrow over the car icon. According to TomTom, the partner they're using here in the US is Total Traffic Network, which is owned by Clear Channel. Clear Channel is a communications company, and is the owner of many of the radio stations in each of the major markets that are supposed to deliver traffic info to our TomToms. However, if you've been following the news, Clear Channel has been trying to dump (sell) many of it's stations in certain markets, as they're losing money because of the economy. As such, I'm afraid that they've let things slide in terms of services such as real traffic feeds. In fact, they're laying off many of their people, which makes me wonder who's watching the shop these days. Bottom line here is that, if you're not getting your traffic feeds (as is the case here in DC), then it's most likely due to Clear Channel/Total Traffic quietly letting the service slide/drop due to brain drain. I've notified TomTom tech support about this, and they've replied that they're looking into this...but haven't heard anything back as of yet. I've told them that they need to get on their partner's case about this issue, or stop selling it as a service to TomTom customers (it's one of the major reasons that I subscribed tot he here in the DC metro area...I want live traffic updates...which TomTom is selling with their RDS-TMC receivers).
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