Arrrrrrrgh TT Customer Support!!!!!

Jul 23, 2010
Is anybody else pulling their hair out at the most useless customer support I've ever received with this current tomtom setup?

I bought a new 950 Live (12 month free subs) about a month ago. After first having issues getting TT to enable the 12 month subs once tied to my TT Account I got about 1 weeks use. Then the dreaded rebooting problem... after discussing with customer support re re-formatting the device and reloading everything the problem persisted resulting in a repair request.

Finally got my repair back today.... a replacement and after running updates discovered that the device return was a simple 950 without the ability to even receive the HD Services!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bought the device 5 weeks ago and have so far had 1 week's use and am now going to have to wait until the get back to my angry email query over the weekend before waiting another week to get a new device.

Am I the only person getting the impression TT or of a fast slide downhill here. Customer support is useless and the devices seem to be of lower quality plus given recent screwups with updates their testing processes look shot to pieces.:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
Angry - Very poor customer service from Tom tom

Completely agree with you sir. Very similar problems for me and many other tom tom users.

See thread : error 1008

tom tom are a very poor company !

Simon Hamnett - Own two tom tom satnavs - Both useless. - No customer service. I've been ripped off !:mad:
TOMTOM are losing their way

Couldn't agree more. I've run a One and more recently a Go 540 Live for a few years and lately either the Live server won;t connect or is offline or the update process is a complete joke.

Support is like something out of the 1800s; slow, solutions don;t work - very unhelpful.

Why should we pay premium price for devices plus Live subscription when all we get is unreliability and inconvenience?!

There are too many free/ cheap solutions out there now.:mad:
Very true. I get the feeling TomTom staff just isn't trained very well in the USA. They don't know their own products.

What's more, they seem to be unaware of the confusing naming system TomTom uses: there's substantial differences between "950" and "950 Live", and "930" and "930T", and so forth. Too bad they don't just name them 951, 931, or something like that, instead of adding a suffix that is easy to leave off by accident.

TomTom customer support is one of the worst companies I have ever had to deal with. If it were not for these forums, and the answers that people provide in here, their products would essentially be unusable!

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