Alternate Route vs. Recalculate

Dec 18, 2007
Hello All,

I just bought a TomTom One V3 for my son and myself. I set a route to work and it gave me a route that was efficient, but I decided to take an alternate route due to heavy traffic. When I deviated from the initial route, it would recalculate, indicating how I should proceede to go back to the original route. I had to proceede more than 8 miles before it recalculated the new route I intended. The next day, I tried the same thing again. But this time, after I went a couple of miles, I hit calculate alternative route. It did this correctly. Is there a way to get the unit to always calculate a route considering all alternatives? I have the option set to select the fastest route. BTW, I have a Garmin 350 for my wife, and it does a much better job calculating the best route after a deviation from the initial route has occured. It does, however, cost more than 2x the TomTom One.

Try this. Ask it to recalculate the route. With the 2D map showing the route displayed, select 'Find alternative' from the bottom row. Then select 'Calcultate alternative'. It should come up with a different route. If you still don't like the route, repeat!

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