All updates frozen Go 5100

Nov 23, 2015
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Just a cautionary tale for anyone considering a 5100/6100

Most updates come down just fine but from time to time a map share update fails to load after which a quick reset usually clears the fault. It's happened rather too often to be acceptable but it seems that's the way it is.... unless I have a defective unit.
Yesterday another update failed but both resetting and rebuilding the firmware failed to clear the error and I was left with a working device but no way of updating anything.

Alas ,by design I can only handle the unit using TomTom's computer software and I couldn't get sufficient control to remove any corrupt data and start again. I'd momentarily spotted a problem with Andorrean Speed Cameras and wanted to repair the fault but TomTom's software wouldn't let me.
Oddly after the rebuild I was running the old system software instead of the latest which had downloaded perfectly two days before.

I actually like the 5100 for its live traffic and extensive mapping so just in case I have a defective piece of kit I've returned the original unit and will receive a new one tomorrow. I just wish that there was some way of removing corrupt data from the 5100 without resorting to a PC/Mac.

I know that most SatNav software is a bit flaky but so far my experience with the 5100 has been poor and doesn't give me confidence to use the Unit without a backup on my overseas trips.
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After the recovery, a further connection to MyDriveConnect should have offered the newer application for installation. Also, do you have the latest version of MyDriveConnect installed?
It was all the latest software before the big freeze and some time much later after the recovery the new version software was offered but impossible to load.

I tried everything to recover including the manual deletion of possibly corrupt European mapping from the Micro SD card as the MyDriveConnect software wouldn't allow me access to the installed components.
If there is a pending update the MyDriveConnect software won't move on from the download screen for more than a split second.
It was during one of those momentary glimpses that I spotted the Speed Camera Fault for Andorra but who's to say if that was my problem?

Anyway I'll try the new unit tomorrow and if the problems persist it's bye bye TomTom.

In terms of hardware I'm using the latest Windows 10 64bit and a PNY Class 10 16gb Micro SD card having tried various USB leads and various USB Ports.
Remember to use a different email address for the new unit when it arrives when logging into MyDriveConnect.
Thanks for the reminder.
I did remember reading that it's not like Garmin where the client recognises individual Garmin units by serial number..
Folk have whinged at Garmin Software but I'm beginning to look more kindly on it now that I've seen TomTom's latest efforts at coding.
Since the dawn of TomTom's history, we've wondered time and again WHY TomTom chose to use an email address rather than the unit serial number to link the device to various services on their server. Even the earliest versions of Home had access to the unit serial number. The ONLY people that the current system helps is the TomTom marketing department who then (if you used a real email address, which isn't a requirement!) have your email so that they can send you advertising and reminders to spend your money on new maps, etc.
On a happier note I thought that I should post a followup.

I'm now using a new 5100 quite successfully and adopted a different strategy when downloading updates. I'm not sure why this seems to work for me but during December I've had no problem adding new maps , firmware , speed cameras and community mapping.
Firstly I'd read somewhere that 400mbs of free memory was required so I put the European mapping into the internal memory leaving 500mb and the rest on a 16gb SD Card with plenty to spare.
Then I considered the power requirements needed for an upgrade and ensured that the USB Port came straight from the motherboard and was delivering normal power.
Now I plug the SatNav in while it's switched off ( not Standby ) and it will automatically start.
I wait until the unit has connected to the Satellite , the Sim Card is delivering traffic and there is no active route .... in other words trying to minimise background processes.

Then and only then do I press the update on My Drive Connect.
Somewhere in all this must lie the key to why updates were freezing.

Perhaps if I were kinder I'd say that TomTom have found a fix.

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