Adjust timing between words?

Mar 3, 2011
I read through a lot of the Amazon reviews before buying a XXL 540TM (which I now have). I ran across a post there which I cannot for the life of me find again, having to do with adjusting the timing between words. Apparently the computer voice can have various adjustments like this made to it. I saw the TTS thread, but it did not seem to cover this item. Is there a link that talks about this type of adjustment?
This post?

You might have to filter through a couple of pages, but there is a way to add a comma to certain words that will cause the TTS to pause.
Oh's somewhere in one of the TTS threads. Something about putting additional commas between parts of the word or expression in the lex file to slow down the verbalizing....

Sorry, not much help, was that? :eek:
I have tried this and it seems to have helped with the one item I have tried it with.

In the metro area we have Belleview Avenue. It is pronounced like the two words bell & view, the middle "e" is silent. Notice the "e" in the middle of the name. This caused my 340XL TM to pronounce a garbled mess. I added the following line to "\LoquendoTTS\data\roadnrEnglishUS.lex":
"belleview" = "bell view"

I tried "belleview" = "bell,view" but the pause between bell and view was too long. I also tried "belleview" = "bellview" but there was not enough of a pause between bell and view.
Using the space between bell and view gives a nice pronunciation.

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