Address error in my destinations with app ios tomtom go

Dec 18, 2023
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Address error in my destinations with app ios tomtom go

For example, I search this address 150 XXXXX St ….. and then I put it in my destinations.
If I want to go to this address, I choice this address in « my destinations », then I put « go », but this go me to an other address (for example to 156 XXXXX St ……

What is the problem ?
Do you select an address on the application or on Mydrive?

If your location is not listed by Tomtom with a house number automatically a location with a number closest to your address will be chosen.
Yes, I selected the address on the application.
Thank you for your answer.
In my opinion the address you are looking for is not listed
Do a search for the address with Mydrive to see.

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