Adding POI's to Tomtom Go 930

Sep 5, 2009
New Zealand
TomTom Model(s)
GO 930 Maps New Zealand v 835, Australia v 835, Western Europe v 835
Can anyone please help
I have a Tomtom Go 930 with Australia, New Zealand, North America and Western Europe maps installed, which I have just updated to the latest version v8.35.
When I downloaded a English & Scottish Castle POI, there appears to be files from this download in all the other maps as well. Also I download a POI of banks in Australia and files from this download appear in all the maps, not just Australia.
Any help appreciated
Seems as if the pois got installed in the map folders of all the maps, not just the one they were intended for.

For example, let's say the Aussie banks poi file is called Oz_banks.ov2. Use Explorer to look at the contents of the unit, including the various map folders. If you see Oz_banks.ov2 in the NA folder, just delete it. Same in the WE folder.

Do the same with redundant Castle.ov2 files as well. If there are associated .bmp files, delete them too.
Many thanks for that help.
As all the UK and European maps are in the same folder, I guess you can't have POI's for individual countries? ie if I install UK heritage sites, it will be install in the Western Europe folder and appear on the POI's for all countries in that folder?
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Well, yes an no.........

They are in the folder so in theory are available for all countries but the fact remains that when you select a poi, your choices are 'near you', 'on route' or 'in city'. Well, a specific type of waypoint, say 'petrol stations' will only show the ones near you if you are driving in Italy or on route if you are travelling from one city in Italy to another'. But, if for whatever reason, you ask for a petrol station in the city of London while you are in Italy, then you'll have access to those.

It's not as if you are in Italy and ask for a petrol station 'near' you, that thousands of gas stations in Europe will appear in a list. Doesn't work that way.

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