Adding music and pictures on drive E

Dec 2, 2007
I cannot seem to get drive E to respond to any browsing no matter what I do. Once my 920 is USB connected I cannot browse to that drive; it errors out that it is not accessable. The only way I was able to write music to it was to remove my 4Gb SDHD card and put it into another housing that allowed me to write to it. Once it was full I could insert it back into the 920 and play all the music that I had loaded onto the SD card.

I tried several SD cards, 32Mb, 256MB, 2G and 4G and they all acted the same. Is there some function I need to enable on the 920 to allow me to browe to that drive? BTW; I did also try using the home application and lt would only browse to the F drive. Then I tried putting in another USB device and when I connect the 920 it created F and G drives and still F was un accessable.

RMA on its way

It turns out if you can get to a good, technical person at TT then the answers are right. My issue did turn out to be a problem with this TT mounting in the WinXP system for drive E. What was funny was the first thing they told me was that it was a Windows problem. He He He! A few words demonstrating that I know what I am talking about yielded a much more intelligent discussion. So, back to TT for this guy and the next one should be a better bet. Stay tuned; probably will get mine back mid January.

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