A12 Roadwork Average Speed Cameras

Oct 27, 2020
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I have a mystery that needs unravelling. The A12 through Essex has extensive roadworks that have probably been in place for over a year. On my Tomtom 6100, the correct speed limits are shown for these roadworks.

BUT WAIT, here is the mystery. On my IOS Tomtom Go app, the speed limits are shown at 70mph throughout the roads works. The limit is 50mph as shown on my 6100.

So, learned people, why are the correct speed limits shown on my vintage 6100 but not on my all singing all dancing app?

Thank you in advance.
I can only add to the confusion about limits on the A12 and roadworks that were there possibly ten or more years ago.

My 6200 (which I still have) (or was it my old 520?) at the time gave me one limit probably 70 when the signs on the road said say 50 mph. I waited to get a ticket as the A12 at the time had average speed checks.

I never got a ticket, the actual signs on the road were a mess, often remaining when road works had in fact gone long before. The signs were also not consistent throughout a single stretch of road. As far as I could see on the section with average speed cameras the lower limit was correct as the road had cones and was routed left and right via the same, the average speed cameras were also quite visible at the start and end of this specific stretch.

I can only speculate as to what was wrong, BUT over the last five or more years I have noticed the 6200 which I regularly update has been wrong several times on speed limits (Usually the limit it shows is HIGHER than the limit shown on the road signs) I know this from one specific road in Hampshire which had the limit reduced to 40 but for a year or two the 6200 showed 50, I simply don't trust it anymore it is mere luck as to what the TomTom may say, just look out for the road signs.


Bizarre how the app varies so differently and is generally less accurate than my standalone device. I wish someone from Tomtom or anyone could explain why. 😬
Bizarre how the app varies so differently and is generally less accurate than my standalone device. I wish someone from Tomtom or anyone could explain why. 😬
You are on a user forum.
If you want a response from Tomtom you must contact Tomtom support.

How to contact TomTom customer support by chat or email
Already done. They have been saying that they’re working on it - for the last year. No explanation though. 🙄
Over twelve months ago I submitted a mapshare report about the removal of a temporary speed limit on the A591 just south of Keswick. This last time I checked this was still showing as pending. Think they do not take a single report as sufficient evidence and clearly nobody is concerned as it is obvious the National Speed Limit applies.
Sound about right. I’m not sure why the handheld device is more accurate than the app. Someone needs to get a grip.

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