930T Traffic & Phone

Feb 15, 2010
I recently purchased the Traffic Sub for my TomTom 930T, after getting fed up with the RDS Traffic, I thought the Normal Traffic sub would be better.

As of yet I have been unable to get it to work. I have two mobile phones on different networks,

Samsung G800 - T-mobile
iPhone 3gs - Ornage

I tried my G800 first, could connect to the phone, get the bluetooth working, and when I try and do the log in to My TomTom Services, it never finds a wireless connection. I've looked on the phone and I can see it trying to transmit data and it's not going through. I can happily use the web n walk side of things from T-Mobile no problems so assumed that the 930T would be fine.

As for the iPhone, well as apple don't let you don anything all I can do is connect the 930T to it as a headset and the data side of things is a no go as all I get is this isn't supported by your phone.

So has anyone managed to get this working with a G800, if so how?

Or have I just wasted my money??
I don't know how the UK data plans work, but in the US T-mobile restricts bluetooth to only certain data plans.

Can you access data over the G800 phone via bluetooth from a laptop? Are you choosing T-mobile from the carrier list when prompted for wireless data?
T-Mobile is one of the good guys in the UK as their service will work fine with a TomTom depending upon the phone.
Forget the iPhone as that won't work at all for this, it will be worth contacting T-Mobile to make sure full restricted GPRS access is enabled on the device as by default it won't be, all you are seeing is WAP access which won't work with the TT Server. Give them a ring and they send a service message to the phone that contains revised settings - Mike
Just phoned T-Mobile and it seems that the GPRS wasn't active, so I'll give it a shot and see what happens.

Thanks for the comments.

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