930T RDS traffic in Europe

Sep 9, 2006
I'm getting ready to take my 930T from the US to Europe and want to use the traffic data. Do I need a different antenna than I use here in the US? Is there a site that indicates coverage? I 'm particullary interested in Baveria and Austria. Finally, is there an addtitional charge to use the traffic service in Europe?
You will definitely need to buy the European antenna but that includesd a permanent subscription.

They say it costs EUR 79.95 but is temporarily not available from Tom Tom.

TomTom, tragbare GPS-Fahrzeugnavigationssysteme

The full description is here. You can cut-and-paste it into Google Language tools to get a semi bearable translation.

TomTom RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver USB - TomTom GPS sat nav

I think temporarily not available is like the 2+ year temporarily closed Canada maps store. I this case it may be more sinister as they are pushing the new more expensive X40/X50 models.
You need the receiver that has a part number ending .013 to work in Europe, e-bay is probably the best option for one of these, a few months ago some of the larger retail groups were selling them off for under ?3 so don't go paying too much - yes that's not a typo they were under three quid! once you have purchased the unit there are no subscription charges - Mike
I checked the Amazon.uk site and they want 35 pounds ....but I don't see one on ebay, that is great information.

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