920T: How to correct Icons on map?

Discussion in 'Maps and Routing' started by kberry70, Jan 10, 2008.

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    Dec 24, 2007
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    For example, I have located a POI that was in my device out of the box, it is a Jack in The Box restaurant at N 37.00891 and W 121.55480. This is in CA.

    Nevertheless, it shows up as "Jack in the Box" and has the address and phone and all. However, the icon (bmp) uses the default "restaurant" bmp. If I have the correct bmp, how can I replace it? Further, can I replace it easily for ALL Jack in the Box's, without of course creating a new Catagory called JACK IN THE BOX, and building a completly seperate ov2 file... ???

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    kberry70, Jan 10, 2008
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