920 Works fine, then won't reboot for a while

Apr 18, 2008
The title pretty well describes the main problem. I used the 920 for a number of hours, then shut it down while having lunch. When I attempt to reboot it to continue the trip or to enter a new destination or whatever, nothing happens. After allowing it to rest for a few hours, it comes back to life.

Any similar experiences? Solutions? It's about 22 months old but is only used on overseas trips.

Another minor irritation - it won't run for more than a few minute (seconds?) on the battery alone. Sounds like a dead battery. Could this be related to the above? I think I saw a description with illustrations for changing the battery on the board a long time ago. Can someone point me to that posting?
Many devices actually run off the battery connection even when plugged into an external power source. The combo of external power source and internal charger/regulator of the device are expected to produce sufficient current to charge the battery and operate the device concurrently. However, there are a couple of ways this can "go wrong".

Normally, a bad LiPo battery will develop a high internal resistance such that it really doesn't take much of a charge, nor will it draw much current as a result. However, there are other failure modes that actually increase the current draw of the battery - so much so that it pulls down the output of the charging circuit and the unit doesn't see sufficient voltage to boot.

So yes - given the very poor state of your battery, there's a better than even chance that your power-on problem is battery related.

Battery replacement info is here: https://www.tomtomforums.com/tomtom...730-920-930-battery-replacement-tutorial.html
Thanks very much. Suspicion confirmed! As I'm currently traveling in Europe for three months I guess I'm stuck with buying a new unit. Just for the hell of it I'll try the new battery install upon return home giving me a spare unit to loan to visitors.

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