920 won't boot; explorer shows tomtom disks are unformatted

One last place to look. Do you have anything in your:
My Documents\TomTom\HOME\Download\complete\map folder on your computer? If so, we can recover the map from there. Post back and let us know.

Otherwise, call Tomtom phone support. They have the ability to add a map to your account (or warranty exchange it if the physical memory is defective). Don't ask for the map, nor mention that you tried the steps here with the SD. Just pull out the SD, say the tomtom's broken and ask them to walk you through the steps fixing it.

If it's out of warranty and they're unable to help, post back. There's a few options we can recommend, but it will involve purchasing a new map from Tomtom HOME.
Exact same thing happen to me. Only my never did get "fixed." Tech support hung up on me and after back and forth with emails to tech support, they said mine was out of warranty and they will no longer going to help me.
So, I'm out 600 buck and going back to Garmin.
Try the steps in this post. If it doesn't work, reply in that post and there are a few more troubleshooting options to try.

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