920 traffic - no longer have VR dialog for delays?

May 27, 2008
When I first got my 920, I was using my phone to get traffic via bluetooth, and I remember that when a delay would pop up, it would ask if you wanted to recalculate to reduce the delay, and a yes/no would appear on the screen, but the VR dialog would also pop up and you could say yes or no without having to touch the screen.

I now have the RDS traffic with the antenna, and the VR dialog doesn't happen any more. I had also lost the VR on the maps when I upgraded maps and software, but have replaced the necessary files, and that is all back and working properly.

So is the VR dialog with traffic just with bluetooth, or is there some way for me to restore that? I tried searching the forums, but didn't find anything.

Here's my set-up:

Go 920
App 8.351
NA maps v830.2284


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