720 Traffic and Routing Issues

Discussion in 'TomTom Services' started by neags23, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. neags23


    Mar 19, 2008
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    I posted this in general TT discussions, but maybe it should go here? I'm new 'round these parts, so please forgive me if not.

    So when I found out that TMC traffic on my Garmin c550 is really bad, I bought the Go 720 to try out the TomTom Plus Traffic.

    So I go to buy it last night and it only gives me Europe Traffic. I searched everywhere about this problem and couldn't find anything.

    I called support this morning (zero hold times, very very nice) and talked to a few different people and was told I had to buy traffic for The Netherlands. ....um, I live in a Chicago suburb. They told me that traffic for the US just recently was being sold and you have to purchase the European Traffic for $54.95. But I read on these forums that there's a US Traffic subscription for $24.95.

    But the support people said I had to go with the European. So I started to buy it, and it asked what country I'd be using it most in. The Netherlands wasn't even an option!

    I called back and finally the nice lady gave me a 90 day trial of traffic. So I was a happy customer. Not sure how that's going to go in 90 days if I want to renew, though...

    So I head to work this morning, and it wants me to go through the city to get to a northern suburb. Which would be fine except the traffic would beridiculous to try to get through. Does it not initially route you based on traffic? (Yes the traffic update circle was all green)

    I ignored it and took the toll-way around the city. I get off at my exit and my place of employment is two left turns from the off-ramp... about two miles away. My shiny new TomTom wanted me to take a right off the ramp, go 7 miles completely around and come in from the right. That made NO sense.

    I ignored it again, and as I got closer to work, it wanted me to take a U-turn and go completely around. I turned onto the 4 lane road my building is on, and it wants me take another U-turn even though my building is within sight in front of me, about 200 yards away. It was directing me to turn around, get back on the expressway, go another exit down, get off and come in from the right, so my building would be on the right side. What??? I'm 200 yards away! Why would I get back on the expressway? It was like it couldn't see the road I was on that took me right to the building.

    I got in the parking lot and asked how it would take me home. It said the route would include tolls (rightfully so) and if I wanted to avoid them. I said no, and it routed me... but it took all side streets! For 30 miles! Without tolls, I might add. Why did it ask about tolls if it didn't even take me on tolls?

    I made sure the settings were for fastest route, there was no traffic in that direction... I just don't understand. Is there some firmware update I shouldn't have gotten (I updated through TomTome Home last night)? This is awful. Strongly thinking about going back to the Garmin.... :(
    neags23, Mar 19, 2008
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  2. neags23


    Jan 14, 2008
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    Updated Tom Tom home to need help

    Before I updated, I was able to control my TomTom with computer when it was plugged in. Now, since update, is says "this function is not supported for your TomTom or operating system"

    It seems my update lets me do less than what I used to be able to do
    Capesoon, Mar 19, 2008
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