720 DOA Plz Help!

Dec 21, 2008
:eek: Bought device yesterday, plugged it in worked all the way home.

Went home installed TT Home S/W and updates....

Device will not show North America map... have confirmed map is still on TT device. Somehow, I got a map of Guam... that appears to work, but my North America map is dead I get a message about this map wont work on this device or something similar.

- "Problem with map

You cannot use this map on this device: North_America-19"

I am stuck... TT Home SW spits errors on almost every option. When I try to get new maps, with 2.2 TT Home I get "this.intval undefined"

The newest TT Home throws an exception when I try to do anything.

Can I at least roll this back to the state it was before I plugged it into my PC?

Please Help :(


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