550 live ,how can i tell when traffic has updated?

Discussion in 'TomTom Services' started by johnkstoke, Jan 31, 2010.

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    Jan 31, 2010
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    Stoke on trent, UK
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    550 live
    Hi Folks,

    recently purchased a 550 live to replace my old 510.
    On my 510, I used the tomtom services for traffic info via my mobile phone/bluetooth, and set it to refresh every 5 minutes of driving.
    Between information 'refreshes', there was a small green circle at the top of the traffic bar, which gradually had segments removed, counting down to the next refresh. I could always tell if the traffic had updated by looking at this.
    The 550 has traffic updates supposedly every 3 minutes, how can I tell if the information has been updated, I am still on the 1 month trial, and want to make sure all is OK before I subscribe to the services.
    If i check the speed cameras update, for example, it says that they are up to date, but there is no way of actually determining when this actually was.
    Before I splash out on a suscription, it would be nice to get that feeling that i know it is updating as it should do

    thanks in advance
    johnkstoke, Jan 31, 2010
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