4N01.003 Older TomTom Map Upgrade??

Jul 12, 2011
My TT takes me way out of the way all the time.

The only map upgrade will cost me $50, in the TT Home.

Will that solve my bad navigation issues?

Or should I consider buying a new GPS?

Thanks in advance.
There is no model by that name.

Go to this link to find out your model......

Which TomTom device do I have?

If your model doesn't have IQ routing, then maybe looking at a new device with it is the answer. If it DOES have IQ routing, how old is the map? The current one is 870 and 875 comes out in a month.
What exactly do you mean when you say "takes you way out of the way all the time"?

Can you give some examples with start and finish points? (preferably as Lat/Long coordinates as they are quicker to enter when you aren't familiar with an area).

Then some others with up to date maps can try your routes to see if they are improved.

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