2nd Newbie Question

Dec 23, 2010
The first question was answered about traffic working out of the box. Looks like it works. Thanks...

Next question

I have used a friends XL350TM and on the
display, there is a center button you can hit to change
between the 3D version and the 2D version of the map.
Very quick and easy. I like it.

I bought this XXL540TM for the bigger display,
and it was the only one available in the time frame

This display, out of the box does not have that feature,
Can this be setup to have a 2D to 3D view?

Again, poor planning on my part but I have a very short
time frame to figure this thing out.

Thanks in advance for a quick response.



One choice is 2D/3D view. If that is the ONLY button you select, then rather than an arrow on the driving view screen containing the quickmenu choices, you'll only have the 2D/3D icon on the screen. Easy! :)


Found it. 2 buttons to push instead of 1, but I think I can handle that. Thank you so much for your help.
Hope everything works on this GPS unit, as well as this help you can recieve on this forum

Happy Holidays to everyone.....

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