1) Eroneous warnings for speed cameras. 2). TT slow to adjust speed on the task bar.

Sep 29, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
Start 25
Hi, I have a Tom Tom Start 25, Two queries,
1). The Tomtom warns me that there are speed cameras on many of the M4 bridges near Bristol. (not gantries with obvious cameras like the M25). I don't think that there are speed cameras there. How can I find out? If they are not there how can I stop my device warning me - and others?
2). Cruising at 70-80 on the satnav speedo (=73-84 ish on car speedo). I slow down at 50mph signs and the car speedo follows my deceleration. The satnav stays at the higher speed for up to a couple of miles. My old Tomtom did not do that. It lost speed as I decelerated. Is this a known fault or is mine a faulty item?
Is item #2 a regular event, or only happens on occasion?
1.) The flippant answer to finding out is to gradually increase the excess speed until the ticket arrives in the post.
I don't think there is a way to find out if they are there or if they are activated.
At this point I would err on the side of caution.

2.) There is a decided lag to catch up during heavy acceleration (guilty m' lad) and I have seen rare instances of up to 300 yards.
Slowing from 70 to 50 by just releasing the foot on the pedal I see virtually no lag at all.
1. Is it alerting you to fixed cameras, mobile sites or average speed zones? You should be able to tell from the icons shown and you can also change the default warning sound to be different for each camera type.

Also, although it has improved hugely over the last year or so, TomTom's own speed camera data is still not as good as some third-party warning systems. I'd suggest you look at the database from PocketGPSWorld which is generally considered to be the most accurate and up to date in the UK.
Another advantage of it is that you can have SPOKEN warnings about the camera, telling you what the camera type is and what speed you should be doing.
Something you MIGHT see as a "disadvantage" is that the PGPSW system will always alert you to any location where a mobile camera site has been used at any time in the last 6-12 months, which will cause a lot of alerts where there will be no camera working "today". I prefer it that way, but you always have the flexibility to turn off just those mobile site warnings.

2. There is an inherent delay in working out your speed from the satellite signals, as the calculations are only done once per second IIRC. However, the displayed speed should start to change almost immediately. There's absolutely no way it should be wrong for "upto a couple of miles" as you say, so something is definitely wrong there. Suggest you try a re-boot and if that doesn't help, then a reinstall of the operating software.

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