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    This new Start 42 - has a record facility - why?

    Have noticed while searching through menus that an orange "record" button is activated when pushed, so is this acting like my dash cam ? Maybe some kind person will forgive my ignorance and point me to a page giving full details on what this does and how best to use it. Thank You. BTW being...

    3 days old START 42 won't update at all

    Hello people, In short I've just bought a TT START 42. Took it home and immediately tried updating it from my tower PC.being a 2 x terrabyte windows 7 thats always updated past tom toms excellently, and in this case on day one seemed to do the same. However when placed in car NO CAMERAS are...

    Hello TT Folks, looking forward to sorting out some problems !

    Great to have a tom tom community to glean some help please which I'll post in the appropriate place in this forum.