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  1. wjlelectric

    Driving to a location using GPS co-ordinates

    Been a while since I posted a question. I have an older Tom Tom Via 1535 TM that still accepts map updates. I've always used it using addresses and cities. Is it possible to drive to a location using GPS co-ordinates and if so how do I do it? Any answer is appreciated.
  2. wjlelectric

    Are new spring maps out?

    I have a TT Via 1535 with lifetime maps. I presently have V965.7292 released 1/20/16. When I plug in my TT for updates it says new spring maps are out. Normally the new map update is there for download but I am not receiving the supposed new spring maps that the screen says are out. Are the new...
  3. wjlelectric


    I have a TT 1535 TM with a 4GB micro card installed. I noticed after downloading the newest US CANADA and MEXICO map version V945.6254 that the following memory is left on my device. Device 463 MB USED........................3254 MB Free Memory Card 3715 MB USED............3 MB Free With...
  4. wjlelectric

    The Same Problem Continues !

    :( I sent in a post of a continueing problem I was having with my TT 1535TM but unless I'm the only one experiencing the problem no one was able to give me a solution or to confirm the problem. My computer says there's a download waiting by showing the blue arrow pointing down. I download the...
  5. wjlelectric

    Download updates but same update comes up again

    Haven't been on this site for a while since my TT Via 1535TM has been exposed to the TomTom new look for downloading community updates etc. My question is, before the screen download changed, if there were no updates the red circle would be on the desktop indicating the device was up to date. If...
  6. wjlelectric

    How to download My Tom Tom on my MacBook Pro

    Sorry for my previous incomplete post. I accidently hit the send key before I was able to complete my question. I did a search but I would appreciate some response. I have a TomTom Via 1535 TM. Up to now I have been using my Dell PC for downloads etc. I have a Macbook pro laptop with the latest...
  7. wjlelectric

    How to download My TomTom on my Mac

    Hi I went through the search procedure but I would appreciate some help.
  8. wjlelectric

    How do I Edit a misspelled street name?

    I have a TT VIA 1535 TM and when I bring up the map the street is spelled correctly. Unfortunately when I type in the street the listing that comes up is misspelled. In my situation, the correct name of the street is Wihuri Rd and that is correct on the map. On the listing for streets in the...
  9. wjlelectric

    Repeated download Icon

    I have a TT 1535 TM and after I download any updates, the next time I turn on my computer the same download(update) is there waiting for me even though I already downloaded it. How do I get rid of this situation?:confused::confused: Thanks for any info.
  10. wjlelectric

    My TomTom update (support) question

    Having a newer TT Via useing the MY TOMTOM APP, I found that with my older TT GO630 useing the older TT system app, every time I plugged it into my computer there were always new updates. With the new TT Via I always get the notice that the new TT Via is " up to date". Is this normal or is there...
  11. wjlelectric

    Turning on Computer always shows download waiting

    I have the TomTom Via 1535TM useing My TomTom. Besides the various problems, lately when I turn on my compter the little TomTom icon on my taskbar with the two red hands now is replaced with an icon stating I have 1 download. When I plug the GPS into the computer to supposedly download this...
  12. wjlelectric

    Problem with Via 1535TM

    I purchased my "first" Via 1535TM about 3 months ago brand new and soon noticed one particular problem. As I was driving down a major street in my city the display on the unit for example showed a RIGHT turn in 2 KM which was correct. As I continued to drive the voice would say LEFT turn ahead...
  13. wjlelectric

    Backing up my TT Via 1535TM

    I picked up directions off the TomTom site on backing up your navigation device. As you know my TT Via 1535TM links with My TomTom but the directions specify to use TomTom Home to do the back up and restoring of the device information. The instructions are very brief and don't say much in...
  14. wjlelectric

    TT 1535TM Replacement Question

    I had a TT 1535TM for a few months and found it had a problem so still under warranty I took it back and got a brand new replacement. My question is, since I am already registered and the defective one is registered with TomTom and in my computer, do I have to re-register all over again and...
  15. wjlelectric

    TT Via 1535TM update question

    I have had a TT GO630 for a few years that uses the TT home application. When I log in and plugged in the TT Go630 the screen changes and shows a number of horizontal download bars downloading updates. About a month ago I purchased a TT Via 1535TM. It operates on the My TomTom application and...
  16. wjlelectric

    Considering buying a newer TomTom

    :confused: I have a Go 630 that works reasonably well but is no longer manufactured and the new maps cost as much as the TT GO 630 is worth. I am considering buying a newer model with the free lifetime map options but still would like the Go 630 functions and other features if possible plus a...
  17. wjlelectric

    GO 630 - Changes after software update?

    :confused::confused: I have tried a search and tried to get a the new thread icon on your site but I couldn't find it. Sorry if I am writing this in the wrong area. I have a GO 630 that I update on a regular basis. Just before going on holidays I updated it and version was loaded on...
  18. wjlelectric

    Red Light Camera Help

    :confused: I finally obtained a complete list of fixed red light cameras here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I tried to follow the limited procedure I got on these forums for MANUALLY entering these cameras on my Tom Tom GO630. I went to Tom Tom Services? Safety Cameras? Report Safety...
  19. wjlelectric

    How Do I Manually Add Red Light Cameras

    :confused::confused: I have a Go 630. There are at least 50 red light cameras in the city but only about 15% of them show up on my Go 630 when I approach them. I would really appreciate instructions on how to manually enter the other 85%that don't show up. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  20. wjlelectric

    Future of Go 630

    :confused: I have a Go 630 that has all that I need for my lifestyle. Since the Go 630 is no longer produced, what will owners of the Go 630 have to deal with since it is no longer made? With all the new models comming out, if I decide to keep useing the Go 630 will updates, maps, etc. cease to...