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  1. Koalabare

    Transfer of Data

    Can I take the backup of data on my computer of my XXL 550 and transfer it directly to my new Start?
  2. Koalabare

    Here We Go Again

    This just started again today after 2 months of flawless operation. Anyone else having it again?
  3. Koalabare

    Best Tom Tom Unit

    Just for grins and giggles has anyone on this forum conducted a survey to see which Tom Tom unit had the highest ratings and was the most trouble free? Trouble free is said "tongue in cheek".:D I looked but could not find anything
  4. Koalabare

    Home Update

    Has anyone had a problem with Home Ver 2.8?
  5. Koalabare

    Map Change

    I foolishly downloaded and installed a new set of maps for my TT. In doing so it erased all my favorites, prior destinations, etc. I did a full backup before I did the map update so my question is this, where in the backup would I find that info to restore it into my TT. Or is this not possible.
  6. Koalabare

    Premium Membership

    Do we still have the option of a "Premium Membership" by paying $2.00 monthly thru PayPal? I tried this today and was told it was an invalid link. Then when I tried to find the admin for this he was listed as not there. Any explanation for this?
  7. Koalabare

    Tom Tom Home Failure

    Has anyone else seen the attached message when trying to get TT Home to operate their gps? Been getting it for three days now and probably will contact TT Support in the am. Thanks
  8. Koalabare

    For Sale:Tom Tom XL340S

    I have a Tom Tom factory refurbished unit for sale. TT says there is a 6 month warranty on it from the time of registration. The price is $80.00 to any interested parties. The buyer pays shipping. This unit has been sold..............
  9. Koalabare

    No GPS Fix

    On my TT XXL550T I keep getting the message "Your position is not known yet" when I start it up. It takes as long as 10 minutes to establish my position. I have tried the GPSfix routine in Home but still the same problem. I know this is not normal but what is the fix, if there is one. I...
  10. Koalabare

    Deleting Languages

    Could someone direct me as to how to remove all the unnecessary languages off my device. I only use English(US)and all the others aren't needed.:confused: Thanks In Advance.
  11. Koalabare

    Deleting Addresses

    How do I go about deleting addresses in "Recent Destination" on the XXL 550?
  12. Koalabare

    XL340 vs XXL50

    I had a XL340 until I did a map upgrade and lost all the info on it, maps, voices. POIs, Favorites, etc. Thought I did a wise thing and purchased an XXL550 but what a surprise!!!!!!!!!!! I should have done more of my homework because the new device does't have all the functionality the old...