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  1. rnh2112

    unwanted Tom Tom Home update

    I've downloaded and installed several tomtom home critical updates, all went off without a hitch and didn't change any of my settings or anything, I trust tomtom because they haven't given me any reason to not. plus you can't not do a critical update just because another critical update on a...
  2. rnh2112


    just wanted to say thanks also. my quickfix hasn't updated for several week now, I thought tomtom just quit offering it, lol. I deleted the files outlined in this thread and now as with the other users, mine is also working again...
  3. rnh2112

    TomTom XL IQ Routes Problem

    sounds like the problem was the cable in the first place, should be OK to update your tom tom home now...
  4. rnh2112

    Is TomTom really that bad?

    I have an xxl550tm, and the ONLY complaint I had was the clock sync function, but with dhn's help I've been able to clear that up and now have absolutely no complaints against my Tom Tom now... best GPS I've ever owned!
  5. rnh2112

    clock sync off

    OK, I got the clock sync to work finally, thanks dhn for your suggestions!
  6. rnh2112

    clock sync off

    Thank you so much for the quick reply.. here's what happens, when i manually set the hour and minutes to the correct time and then click sync, it sets it to 30 minutes ahead of the correct time, if I just manually set the hour and then save and then go back in and click sync, if the minutes are...
  7. rnh2112

    clock sync off

    Hello, My xxl550tm won't sync it's clock accurately when i press sync in the clock set screen. It sets the clock approx 30 minutes ahead than the actual time. anyone else have this issue and know of a way to fix this. I've been setting it back to the correct time manually, but it's weird that...