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    difference between the go510 and the TT one

    Thanks... I really like the size of the one better than the go but being that the go seems better I will keep it.
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    difference between the go510 and the TT one

    Hi, What is the difference between the go510 qnd the tt one? My dad just got a tt one and it seems much more compact. are there advantages on one over the other?
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    Blackberry 8830 / Verizon / and go510

    My problem is I can't even get the bluetooth to connect on this phone.
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    Blackberry 8830 / Verizon / and go510

    Hi I have a go510 and I have a blackberry 8830 world phone by Verizon. I can't connect it to bluetooth. I put in the pass code but it would not connect. Any suggestions?>
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    Can some one please tell me how to use traffic

    Hi, I got the tomtom go510 to work with the traffic plus services but i really do not know how to use it. Every so often I will get a 3 beep tone about traffic but is it supposed to automatically re-route me? How do I effectivly use the traffic feature? I hvae not see any documentation on it.
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    Blackberry 8830 and tomtom traffic

    Thanks when I get the TT I will give it a try.
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    Blackberry 8830 and tomtom traffic

    Hi, I just got the tomtom traffic to work with my blackberry 8300G from tmobile. Then my IT department tells me today that we are swiching to Verizon and getting the 8330. Any idea if the my tomtom go510 traffic will work with the 8330 and verizon service?
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    bluetooth question

    Hi, I have the go510. I use the bluetooth connection for the live traffice but I do not want to use it for the phone and the speakerphone is lously without the external mic. Is there a way to set it so that it does use my cell phone though the tomtom but does connect to traffic?
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    wireless data connection settings

    Not sure how you figured this out but you rule... This works. Thank you .