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    Boston, MA famous places

    Thanks for this~!
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    La Quinta Inns

    Anyone ever come across one of these? Would be very useful. I'm traveling from California to New Hampshire and like these hotels.
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    Strip Clubs

    Couldn't agree more... I've been to clubs in niagra falls (canada side) and Montreal.... Huge difference from the states :eek: LoL
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    Updated Icons for US National Attractions

    definitely an upgrade to the images! Thank you~! Much appreciated =]
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    Strip Clubs

    Thanks... Very Handy~! :D
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    In-n-Out Burger - 1.3

    I love This Place... Thanks~!
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    Thanks I love this place~!
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    2007 Truckers POI U.S.A

    Thank You This Is very Handy~!