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    GO 740 Bluetooth Pairing Problem

    I had no problem in pairing and using the 740 with my old Motorola Razor V3. I however cannot pair the Go 740 with my Pantech Ease cell phone. I used code "0000" and no code, to no avail. Appreciate your replies.
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    Great Feature - 740Go

    With my older TomTom One, I always wanted to have the ability of seeing two displays while driving; one with the turn by turn instruction and one with a more broader view of the route. With the 740GO, I was initially confused by the Advanced Setting Preference of "Automatic zoom in" for 2D...
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    Go740 - Meaning of TomTom Home message

    My Go 740 has the North American 2GB map. TomTom Home has a message: "Your map has not been updated for more than 20 weeks. Unfortunately Map Share map corrections are temporarily not available." I believe that I have the latest map installed and just wish to know the meaning of the message...
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    Go740 What is Automatic Zooming ?

    Just got the 740 and I was wondering what is Automatic Zooming (in 2D and (3D). This may be enabled in the "Advanced preferences 2 of 2". I tried with enabled and without and I am not sure ithat I can notice a difference. Haven't traveled far with the 740, which may be the problem. The...
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    740 Phonebook Usage Problem

    I have just gotten my 740 and have done all the updates and installed the latest map. Do not have an SD card yet. I mated my cell phone and did the "Get Numbers from Phonebook". When calls come in, their names are listed which tells me that my phonebook is installed. However, when attempting...