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  1. Viseguy

    GO: No spoken directions

    I just installed the GO app on my Android phone. I hear no spoken directions even though spoken directions are turned "on" and the GO volume slider is all the way up. The phone volume is turned all the way up as well. Any thoughts?
  2. Viseguy

    Map key?

    Is there a key to TomTom maps that lists what symbols/colors are used to identify stuff like toll roads, major roads, secondary streets, etc? The map on my new GO 620 has symbols I'm not familiar with: for example, a red crisscross pattern on a stretch of road, a solid black line or rectangle...
  3. Viseguy

    GO 620 Wi-Fi

    After eight (8) years, my XL 340S finally, suddenly, gave up the ghost. I loved my TomTom, so I immediately bought a GO 620, which I just received. Obviously a lot of progress is achieved in 8 years, and the 620 certainly reflects that. But a few questions arose immediately (and I will probably...
  4. Viseguy

    Use Your TomTom to "Route" for Your Team!

    The idea is simple: Modify any TomTom custom color scheme so that the route and turn arrows are displayed with your favorite team's colors. Sample color schemes for all Major League Baseball (MLB) and National Football League (NFL) teams are attached. The map colors are my day scheme based...
  5. Viseguy

    Problem with Color Scheme Editor

    This is weird. When I load a file into the editor, it displays colors from a previous version of the file, at least for some map elements (e.g., Route indication arrow color). What's worse, when I save the file, it overwrites my earlier changes and my updates are lost. Anyone else experience this?
  6. Viseguy

    "Greens" color scheme

    Have been working on a green-themed scheme (say that three times fast) which I call ... drumroll ... "Greens". I've test-driven this now and it looks OK. The attached ZIP includes three files: greens-d.clr ... day greens-e.clr ... either greens-n.clr ... night Any of these will work as a...
  7. Viseguy

    Rules for CLR files

    I thought for sure there would be a sticky about this, but... Can someone point me to a set of rules for creating color schemes (.CLR files)? I understand the RGB values. But what determines how the RGB values are assigned to map elements? Are the remarks after "//" on each line comments, or...