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    1060 Maps Released

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    1055 Map Released

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    1051 maps released for some regions

    Additional maps released in order to fix some issues with streets names (at intersections some streets were showing the wrong name). The map version will be 10.51. The maps having v10.51as the latest are- Argentina_and_Uruguay Latam Latam_Camper Latam_TRUCK Mexico United_States...
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    1050 Map Released

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    1045 Map Released

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    1040 Map released

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    1035 Map Released

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    1030 Map Released

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    1025 maps released

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    1020 Maps Released

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    1015 Maps Released

    For most models not considered as End of Life by Tomtom. If you see other items available to download when you go to the 'Content' tab in MyDriveConnect, it is best to download/install one item at a time. Further, it is wise to make sure you have a microsdhc card installed to handle map...
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    New 12.075 Application for Nav 3 Devices.

    A new application has been released for the following: Version 12.075 Released on 26 July 2018 This update applies to: GO 1000, GO 1005 / GO 2050, GO 1050, GO 1050 World, GO 2405, GO 2435, GO 2505, GO 2435, GO 2505 LIVE, GO 2535, GO 2535 TM WTE, GO LIVE 1000, GO LIVE 1005, GO LIVE 1050 / GO...
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    1010 Maps (finally) Released

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    New 1005 maps released for some models

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    Tomtom End of Life Models

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    Version 1000 released -- most models

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    New 995 maps released - most models

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    Some new 990 maps released

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    New 17.1 application released for Nav 4 devices

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    Some new 985 maps released today

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