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    Safe to delete old downloads from HOME directory

    On my computer's HOME/Download directory there is over 5 GB of data including six complete map download directories. Is it safe to just delete the contents of the download directory? I just don't want to create more problems in HOME than I think I'm solving by reclaiming the space.
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    Updates to Google Maps Data

    For many areas I am familiar with, the TT maps have been ahead of the older data displayed in Google maps. I just noticed there must have been a recent refresh of Google maps data. Many changes I have reported over the last 1 1/2 years have made their way into the Google maps data now...
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    School POI Icons

    Prior to getting my 825 map, school pois seemed to be in the custom POIs under "change preferences". They had "school house" icon...and if you edited would only show up under general POIs for Colleges/Universities with its own icon..whether or not it was a college. With 825, I still...
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    URL Unknown when uploading my Mapshare corrections

    Anybody else getting this??? I did a Mapshare update via TTHome Monday morning. I was on a trip Mon and Tue and applied a few corrections to my device. Since arrival back home Tue night, I have received the following message whenever I have tried to upload my corrections: Unable to...
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    TeleAtlas / Maps.Google.Com

    I have lived in 2 mapping worlds where I looked up items on saw the Navteq view of the world...and of course I drove around with the TeleAtlas data in my Tom. I happened to be looking at a few minutes ago and it struck me that for every place I was looking...
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    Updated TeleAtlas Data

    I occasionally check the TeleAtlas data via the Google Maps API at to see if any new data has been released. There seemed to have been a big refresh since the last time that I checked. I could see that MANY of the MapShare changes I have reported now...
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    8.010 ETA & such

    I updated to 8.010 on Friday night. I did a trip of about 120 miles on Saturday. Prior to 8.010, I would expect my TT to beat the initially estimated arrival time by about 30 min. With that trip yesterday, it was closer to 15 min...It seems the estimations are getting better under 8.010...
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    8.010 Edit Capability

    Big Improvements in renaming streets and updating turn restrictions. Renaming streets...being able to selectively add or delete portions of the road to be renamed really helps with some problem areas I had encountered. Ability to update turn restrictions is big improvement for some problem...
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    Problems w/ Application Update

    Okay...I updated my TT One XL S via Home a few minutes ago. I had App vs. 7.167 installed. Home indicated that an update was available for my device. I accepted the update and let it go. 1. It caught my eye during the download that it said it was downloading the update for On XL...
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    MapShare Updates seen on other TTs

    I have certainly made many MapShare updates in the last 6 months I have had my TT. I have moved, updated and added many POIs. I have corrected many street names....When I have found bogus roads, I have "blocked" them in both directions. Of course, I have been curious if any of these have...
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    Custom DB vs MapShare POIs

    A little clarification help please...I finally got my arms around the fact that there are essentially 2 POI databases. 1) Custom POI database pre-loaded on my device / Custom POIs I download from the this forum; 2) Other POIs which are updated via MapShare. Class 1 POIs (above): I only...