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    Map Share map corrections not working?

    No...It had not worked since my last map upgrade in November....and it just worked on Sunday with no corrective action on my part.
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    mapshare not available

    I tried MapShare again this morning....and it worked! I didn't do any re-installs or any adjustments....It just worked today.
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    Map Share map corrections not working?

    I tried MapShare again this morning....and it worked! I didn't do any re-installs or any adjustments....It just worked today.
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    Map Share map corrections not working?

    I updated to the 860 maps back in late Nov....I'm used to MapShare not working immediately after an update. One month+ later I decided to try the forum....Same symptoms here: No MapShare updates since 860 update MapShare preferences don't list any countries to choose from I realized...
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    Official Road Names

    The easiest way of finding the "official" names is to find the local county GIS office. I found your road on the map...found it to be in Suffolk County...and searched for the county GIS office. I found their site at Land Information iMap After zooming in and looking at the area, I found...
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    TomTom Map got worse?

    It is annoying when a correct street goes backwards. I have reported the Philadelphia issue to Tele Atlas: Map Insight Report Status
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    mapshare not available

    I am now RECEIVING MapShare updates to my 855 map, but I don't seem to be sending my corrections. I have made several updates on my TT and selected to share them, but I don't think a single one has been pulled off my device since the 855 upgrade.
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    Safe to delete old downloads from HOME directory

    I do have just one TT...all downloaded maps are for that one unit. I did just update to 855 earlier today. Thanks for the info.
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    Safe to delete old downloads from HOME directory

    On my computer's HOME/Download directory there is over 5 GB of data including six complete map download directories. Is it safe to just delete the contents of the download directory? I just don't want to create more problems in HOME than I think I'm solving by reclaiming the space.
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    Map 850 has been released

    I have submitted many updates via MapShare or directly to TeleAtlas. Usually when I pick up a new map I can see several-to-many of these updates incorporated into the new map. After completing an update from 845 to 850, I don't think I've seen a single recently-reported update in the new...
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    Map ver. 840 is now out

    After old map releases, it seems like I have read these forums with people having all sorts of update problems...and mine went smoothly. Just the opposite in this case...It sounds like it went well for everybody, but not for me...I downloaded the map. About 2/3 of the way through processing...
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    Updates to Google Maps Data

    Thats a shame....I liked having that (relative) continuity between Google maps and my TT.
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    Updates to Google Maps Data

    For many areas I am familiar with, the TT maps have been ahead of the older data displayed in Google maps. I just noticed there must have been a recent refresh of Google maps data. Many changes I have reported over the last 1 1/2 years have made their way into the Google maps data now...
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    Window mount ball joint getting old (suction cup fine)

    I was having a similar problem. I noticed the mount with the screws on it had a crack. I could not tighten...and eventually just bought a new mount from
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    Is this normal?

    Thanks for the tip DHN...I did the steps you indicated. That was the first time I have seen quickGPSfix offered in a TT Home update in months.
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    Is this normal?

    Does quickGPSfix still show up on HOME (can you tell when it is available). I used to see updates every few days....It has been months since I last saw an update shown for quickGPSfix in HOME. I have wondered if it is just updating silently in the background...or if it simply is not updating...
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    Find Specific Highways - Possible?

    Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but I did the following; Browse Map Find Address Cross Street or Intersection (State IL, City Chicago) For Street, I typed 290 Picked EB or WB Select an exit from the list
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    New Home version released

    I did not have the high CPU usage problem last week when I installed the 835 map, but TT Home has been taking a LONG time to start up. I updated to the newer TT Home yesterday...and now it seems to start right up. No problems noted after one round of mapshare updates.
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    I-74 in north carolina missing?

    I-74 in NC sounds like a road in the works: Interstate 74 in North Carolina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Were you on one of the three segments wikipedia lists as open...or have more segments opened up that are not yet on the map?
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    How to avoid Washington DC?

    Through Washington or around Washington? Big difference. Not sure where you are coming from, but on my One XL-S...after a route is calculated: Find Alternative / Travel Via... / Enter an address/city or (blue arrow) and select a point on the map,