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  1. jafo67

    upgrading from Go920 to Go600 question

    I have purchased voices. Will I be able to restore purchases to my 600?
  2. jafo67

    Problem with new map update service

    I just purchased the map update servce. Before it installed it told me the map needed to be updated and that I would also be charged for the service. After the install my North America map version is 825.2157. I believe this is the current version but I'm not sure. My sw is version 8.302. I...
  3. jafo67

    Anyone using tomtomheaven's iTomtools?

    Does anyone know how to change the home location on the world clock? It shows Paris since the program is all in french. Any way to change it to New York? Also, I can't get mplayer to play when I touch the mplayer icon. Any ideas? also, does anyone have a better video convertor for mplayer...
  4. jafo67

    Removing Music Icon on display

    I updated my firmware recently, and now I have the music note icon to the left of my map. Is there any way to remove this?
  5. jafo67

    Request: 2005 Silver Scion xB & 92 Black Wrangler!

    Thanks to anyone who can help...