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  1. fotophocus

    Size of 7.10 map for NA

    Very interesting... I'll have to give that a shot. I probably have the same version already on my PC! Can you tell me what build you have on yours? Mine is 7.10, build 1584.
  2. fotophocus

    Size of 7.10 map for NA

    I was wondering the same thing. Not that I've been able to download the map successfully, it's been stalling out on me last night and today.
  3. fotophocus

    Use Latest Map Guarantee

    I've been trying to download since last night as well, with it freezing up part of the way through. Guess I'll just keep trying.
  4. fotophocus

    2 Questions

    You know, that's the exact reason I don't own a Porsche :p
  5. fotophocus

    Memory Upgrade? I'm new so please be gentle.

    Worked beautifully :D Now, I need to find stuff to put on there... I've got a Zune, so no need to use the TomTom to play music.
  6. fotophocus

    Memory Upgrade? I'm new so please be gentle.

    Would this card work in a Go 720?
  7. fotophocus

    anybody here about a new map release

    How do I tell which version I have?
  8. fotophocus

    Snowmobile Trail Maps????

    Winter's here, in Detroit? Why, yesterday I went out in a t-shirt without a jacket... must be a different Detroit :D
  9. fotophocus

    Target Store - 1.2

    Yep, there's a forum for Car Icons, just a few forums down from this one on the main page
  10. fotophocus

    In and Out Burgers

    This should be all of them within 200 miles of LA
  11. fotophocus

    Splash Screen

    You shouldn't need to name it anything special, or overwrite your splash screen. Just upload it as a photo, and use my method to set the photo as your startup screen.
  12. fotophocus

    Splash Screen

    Welcome, to a fellow Michigander that's also new to the forums. Assuming you've already put the photo on your TomTom 720, the following steps should work. Go to Preferences On page 6, choose Start-up Preferences Hit Done on the first page. On the next page, it will ask if you want to...
  13. fotophocus

    Some fun icons I made

    Awesome icons.. I love em Thanks a lot! :D
  14. fotophocus

    First GPS Suggestion

    Within a couple of feet is pretty accurate to me. If a GPS can get me within a couple feet of a store, I bet I could locate it visually. If it gets me that close to someone's house, I can find the address. That said, I love my TomTom 720 so far. My only complaint is the restaurant POI's...
  15. fotophocus

    Meijer Grocery Stores

    Here's a POI of all the Meijer Grocery Stores in the Detroit area (did a 50 mile radius from Detroit). Enjoy!
  16. fotophocus

    Taco Bell - 1.2

    Detroit area seems to be incomplete, especially Canton (zip is 48187) Thanks!
  17. fotophocus

    Burger King - 1.5

    Detroit area seems to be incomplete, especially Canton (zip is 48187)
  18. fotophocus


    All of the locations in this POI file look like: Chili's Grill & Bar; 4022 Medina Rd>+13306682882 Is there an easy way I can do a find-replace to change all "'" to an apostrophe, and "&" to &?
  19. fotophocus

    7-eleven - 1.3

    Awesome, thanks!!
  20. fotophocus

    Target Store - 1.2

    I've got this same problem too. Any ideas? Edit: I loaded the OV2 file in POIedit and sorted by description. This let me delete all the POIs with names like "1150" and leave the correct ones. I've attached my corrected file. Mods, feel free to review it and use it :)