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  1. sparky672

    TomTom Website Mess

    I've read here that TomTom company reps browse these forums regularly so I'm posting this as constructive criticism of their site. I went to the support section and selected my device and model, ONE 3rd Edition. Then it shows me 90 results which any reasonable person would expect to apply to...
  2. sparky672

    Browsing Maps is Flaky

    I was using the "Browse Maps" feature on my TT One 3rd Edition again. Although I've turned off many custom and factory POIs there's still quite a lag. Regardless, screen lag isn't the issue. Several times while browsing, I was spontaneously kicked out of the map and back onto the main...
  3. sparky672

    TomTom Feature Request

    We all know there are certain places we'd rather not park our cars. Likewise, there are also certain place we'd rather not even drive our cars. Neighborhoods that just aren't safe at night... you roll up to red lights keeping plenty of open space in front just in case you need to make a quick...
  4. sparky672

    What's up with the TomTom Tips screen

    Twice in the past couple days while punching through the menus, I get stopped cold by a full screen "TomTom Tips" pop-up window. It tells me how great it would be if I subscribed to real time traffic updates! I have to click it to dismiss it. WTF?!? WTF is that?? I don't want to see...
  5. sparky672

    Missing Expressway IS a bigger problem

    Until last weekend I thought that the missing 12.5 miles of I-355 Toll-way in Chicago wouldn't really be a big deal for me. I always know I-355 is there so I'll just drive on it and let TT do its thing. Letting TT "do its thing" turns out to be a big hassle in reality. Plan a route, start...
  6. sparky672

    Moving Favorites?

    Let me get this straight. To move a favorite, I have to create a new one and delete the old one? If I go to "Manage Favorites" & select the favorite I want to change... I get three buttons from left to right. - Rename - Delete - Done No way to just move it or change the address?
  7. sparky672

    Screen Redraw Delays

    Re: TT One 3rd Ed. I've noticed when browsing, zooming, panning the maps, screen redraws get excruciatingly slow when in densely populated areas like near or in downtown Chicago. No, I'm not located in that area, I mean when I'm just browsing a map of that area. The screen fills in a...
  8. sparky672

    Virtual TomTom limitations

    I noticed that when using Virtual TomTom from TomTom Home 2.1 in Windows, the shift key is dead. When correcting roads & POI's with MapShare, it's so much easier to use Virtual TomTom with the PC keyboard. However, only the first letter of your entry will be capitalized. You don't have access...
  9. sparky672

    Mac Desktop Icon for TomTom ONE

    Here is a desktop icon for Mac users. This is what my TomTom looks like mounted on my Mac's Desktop. I renamed mine to "TOMTOM ONE" as it's just recognized as an external drive formatted as FAT32. TomTom Home does not care what the drive is called but with FAT32, the name will be all...
  10. sparky672

    Route Planning Anomaly

    My "home" location is on a north/south road and it's set to my street address. 99% percent of the time, my position indicator is pointing north when I'm stationary and get a signal lock. Most of my planned trips head north so I hadn't noticed a problem until yesterday. I was at home...
  11. sparky672

    Thai Food Restaurants - Chicago Area

    Chicago is known for its diversity of cuisines from around the globe. This POI is for Thai Food Restaurants in a 100 mile radius centered on the southwest side of Chicago. I've also created a generic Thai icon. "Thai" in green on a white background.
  12. sparky672

    Chicago Transit Authority - Train Stations

    This is what I believe to be a complete list of CTA train stations in Chicago including elevated and subway stops. Please let me know if it's missing anything.
  13. sparky672

    Ace Hardware - Chicago

    Here is a POI of Ace Hardware stores near & in Chicago. It's actually all Ace Hardware Stores in a 50 or 100 mile radius around a zip code in the SW side. I don't recall exactly but I did take the time to remove duplicates and entries that were not Ace Hardwares.
  14. sparky672

    TomTom USB Data Cable

    Just thought I'd let everyone know that the TomTom USB cables are standard mini-USB cables. Same data cable as my Motorola Razr - confirmed working. Same thing goes for the car charger... standard USB output is 5 volts and the power connections are USB standard. Also Walmart has one...
  15. sparky672

    Taking Detours from Route

    TT One 3rd Ed. 7.161 I'm purposely pushing this thing in an attempt to learn its shortcomings. So I take it with me on local trips where I think I know my way around and deviate from the calculated route. I start out from my departure point on the calculated route. After a few miles I...
  16. sparky672

    Custom Color Scheme Previews

    Is there a way to view the custom color schemes before selecting them? I downloaded all the free schemes from TomTom but unless I have what the scheme looks like, the names on the list are meaningless to me. Custom voices all go into the same place, can all be sampled/selected the same...
  17. sparky672

    TomTom Bicycle Battery Pack

    The manual talks about an approximate battery life of 2 hours per charge. If I set the display to always go OFF, how much could I expect battery life to improve. I completely understand there are dozens of other variables that effect battery drain and my "milage may vary". But what's a...
  18. sparky672

    Day/Night Colors.

    Day/Night Colors ->> Suntime plugin When I first setup my TomTom and saw the Day/Night color schemes I immediately assumed the device would switch color scheme based on time of day. But it doesn't I guess. Is that too much to expect? It has an internal clock after all so auto-switching...
  19. sparky672

    Map Updates & Versions... How does it all work?

    Map Updates & Versions?? I just got a TT One v3 last Friday. So far I like it. It's loaded with the US/Canada maps version 710.1575 & TomTom application 7.161 Here in Chicago, they just opened up an extra 12.5 miles on the south end of the I-355 toll-way extending it down to I-80. This...