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    Older 720 will not link with newest version of Home 2

    I sign in & want to link my device The link box will not activate whether the GPS is left off & started or left on & home started OOPS a 720 not 620
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    SDHC in place of SD

    Can I install a 4GB SDHC in A Go720 which had a 2GB SD originally?
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    Trip onto satelite view

    Managed a Tripmaster itinerary onto google earth . Works really well through GPS Visualizer ! You find the itinerary in folder itn & at GPS Visualizer "convert "the KML file:p
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    Go720 totaly messed

    My 720 was working fine including 2 bluetooth phones & THEN phones would not connect Tried eliminating & re-pairing - would get wireless data OK but not regular phone service tried several times as I had first time B4 getting all info transferred SO I tried a restore from a back up & this is...
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    Bluetooth connection Samsung SPH m300

    The Tom Tom list of compatible phones is crap along with tech support. After having trouble after pairing a samsung SPH M300 & getting "service not available"I tried tech support. Their answer was useless only indicating Bluetooth 1.1 & profile DUN required along with the usual "we don't...